Saturday NIGHT April 27th
Come join us for an evening with headlamps and a campfire. Do a 4 mile out and back and then join us around the campfire for hot dogs, veggie dogs and the fixings to go along with them. It's a way for you to get use to a trail run and to find your footing on the trail. The course will be flagged, but you must run with a partner for this first training run and you MUST bring headlamps or flashlights, etc. Show up at 7pm for this evening run. RSVP ONLY at

Sunday MORNING May 26th
Join us for either a 4 miler (with someone picking you up at the 1st aid station, an 8 miler with an out and back run, or take your chances and have support at 3 aid stations as you do the full half marathon course). We will start at 7:30am and pack up at noon. Show up anytime between those times. RSVP ONLY at

Sunday AFTERNOON July 28th
It can be a hot one one year and great weather the next. Join us for a "noon run in the sun" training run. IMPORTANT: Please note, because of the bike race that is taking place at trailhead we are doing the outer-loop and starting at trail marker 28 and running to trail marker 24 with the option of doubling back or some runners can go down the North Country Trail itself if they want. We have attached a map of what the training run encompasses which is about 4 miles out and 4 miles back or a loop of about 9 miles if you take the trail. We will have two aid stations up for you. If you have a GPS or want to map to this address it is the intersection of where the training run will start. Parking is available on the road, just look for the signs. It is about 1 mile from where the start/finish of the actual race is and this will give the runners a bit different perspective of the flat and transition to some hills. We are starting at noon to give the runners a taste of the heat and will need to remain hydrated to mimic race day conditions. We will have GU, Gatorade and water available and usually a snack as well for you, when you finish. If you have any questions please let me know. Training run start point: 8288 Koon Rd, Manistee, MI. If you find the corner of Koon Rd. and Skocelas Road you're at the right place. RSVP ONLY at

* at all training runs we will have Gatorade, Water, GU and Ice.