North Country Half Marathon

Distance: 13.1 miles

Start time: 8:10am

Race start/finish address: 3500 Udell Hills Road, Manistee MI

Course Description: Entirely on trails, mostly one-track and just a few portions of two-track trails. The course begins like the marathon and ultra runners, but after aid station #1 the half marathoners break to the right for about 2 miles where it cuts to the second half of the ultra and marathon course (see map). The second half of the course is more challenging than the first half and a runner running the North Country Half Marathon should be training with hill repeats as part of their program.

Aid Stations: There are 4 aid stations that make up the half marathon course. The first aid station is about 4.65 miles from the start, followed by the second aid station about 6.83 miles from the start. The 3rd aid station is 9.82 miles from the start and the last aid station is 10.88 miles from the start. All aid stations will have Gatorade, water and every other aid station for the half will have GU. Additional food items will also be available for consumption. Most of the time half marathon runners will not need to eat during their race and most of the food items are consumed by the ultra runners.

Trail Markings: The half marathon course will be marked every 150 to 200 ft with yellow flags. If you do not see a yellow flag within 150 to 200 ft you are on the wrong trail. When you are running on the trails that both the ultra and marathon runners use on the course, you will also see red flags as those are the flags that the ultra and marathon runners follow. In simple, if you are running the half marathon and you do not see yellow flags within you are on the wrong trail. To also assist you with ensuring you are on the right trails we will be using yellow caution tape to mark off trails that intersect course trails that way you won't be able to go down a trail because of the barriers that will be in place. Additional flags will be posted also at trail crossings to ensure you do not turn the wrong way.

Trail Posts: Every trail is marked by the US Forest Service and to help you better you will receive a small index sized map in your race packet with the half marathon course along with the trail post numbers that the course follows. The trail posts (refer to the map) that correspond with the half marathon course are as follows: Start (3500 Udell Hills Rd, Manistee MI at the Big M Trail Head) run to #1, #2, #3, #14, #15, #1, #35, #34, #33, #30, #31, #32, #9, #10, #11, #20, #19, #18, #17, #1. At post 30 is where the half breaks from the ultra and marathon course. Reffering to the map for the half marathon will give you a better visual.

Items to bring: For a list of items to bring to the race that will help you please refer to the FAQ's section of the North Country website.

Spectator areas: There are a total of 3 spectator areas for the half marathon. The first is at the start/finish area and the others can be driven to by following the directions on the spectator/crew/pacer information also found on the FAQ page of the North Country website.

For any other information please refer to the North Country website.